Les FemmesAWARDS

Lamplighter Award given to those fostering the light of truth in a dark world:

To Cardinal Edward Egan of New York who had Communications Director, Joseph Zwillig send a letter May 2nd advising that “Marist College is no longer a Catholic institution.” Marist’s record includes many pro-abortion speakers and the disgusting Vagina Monologues. Marist will no longer be listed in the Official Catholic Directory. Thank you, Your Emminence, for giving one bogus Catholic college the boot! May St. Ambrose, patron of learning, intercede for you and may other prelates follow your example. [We’ve got the college list and the boots!]

To Frs. Michael Dobbins & Bryan Belli who duked it out with Congressman Moran. [See the Twilight Zone] We invoke the intercession of St. Jean Vianney, patron of parish priests, for these dear shepherds. In his zeal for souls St. Jean prayed, “O my God, grant me the conversion of my parish: I consent to suffer whatever you wish, for as long as I live.” May priests offer that prayer for their parishes and parents for their familes.

Millstone Award given to those who through ignorance or malice scandalize God's people:

To Fr. David Valtierra, C.O. who defended holding a workshop with notorious foul-mouthed Paulist, Fr. Richard Sparks. [See The Twilight Zone.] We ask St. Agnes, Roman martyr and patron of bodily purity to be a channel of grace for padres who peddle smut.

To Frs. James Keenan, Thomas Carroll, Richard Lewandowski, and Walter Cuenin who opposed efforts to ban same sex marriage in Massa-chusetts. All framed the issue as discrimination against gays, a lie. May Pope Leo XIII who said, “The first law of history is not to dare utter falsehood,” pray for these men.

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