Sodomizing the Culture: Creating a Gay America

by Mary Ann Kreitzer

What a difference fifty years makes! In 1958 the nuclear family basked in TV’s prime time. The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It to Beaver, and Father Knows Best all portrayed well-adjusted families with Dad as head and Mom as heart of the home. The parents loved and respected each other and worked together to rear happy, healthy children. While some criticized these shows for painting an idealized and unrealistic picture of family life, many baby boomers grew up in homes much like what they saw on TV. Youngsters played pickup baseball, rode bikes, walked to the corner story for penny candy, and stayed out without continuous supervision until the streetlights came on. A network of caring adults watched out for everyone’s children. Family dinners were a regular affair. Dad and Mom practiced tough love tenderly.

Even the language of the fifties was different. Drive-by shootings were unheard of. Metal detectors were for Civil War relic hunters. The word gaymeant “happily excited.” Not that the time was without problems. The Cold War was in full swing and schools had air raid drills as well as fire drills. Nevertheless, most adults who lived through the 50s as children remember it as a more innocent time when government, churches, schools, and the community worked together with mutual regard for fundamental values: honesty, integrity, respect, bravery, responsibility, prudence, generosity, and reliability. No one thought those were religious values; they were human values.

The picture of life in the U.S. is far different today. No longer does the community work to protect children. Instead, institutions uphold and defend the “civil rights” of sexual deviants to corrupt them. While the leading offenders are gay activists, they have a long list of eager accomplices and enablers. Business, government, the medical profession, the media, the entertainment industry, schools, even the churches sing in the gay chorus. The outcome is the sodomizing of American culture, a tragedy for all, but especially the children.

One of the greatest influences in perverting the culture was Dr. Alfred Kinsey, whose 1948 book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, became the source for the fraudulent claim that homosexuals account for ten percent or more of the population. According to researcher, Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D., “Kinsey's percentage was seized upon by Harry Hay, the father of the homosexual ‘civil rights’ movement,…[who urged] that homosexuality be seen no longer as an act of sodomy but as a 10% minority class. Today, scores of homosexual activists cite Kinsey as the man who made the homosexual movement possible.”1

Reisman has spent the past twenty year outing Kinsey as a fraud whose data “proving” that 95% of men commit deviant sex acts relied on interviews with sexual perverts including pedophiles and prison inmates. She was the first to expose Kinsey’s infamous “Table 37” in Chapter 5 on “Child Orgasm” which illustrated the systematic abuse of child victims. The results are horrifying. The table records an 11 month old having ten orgasms in an hour, a second 11 month old who had 14 in 38 minutes, a four year old who had 26 in a 24-hour period, a twelve year old who had three in three minutes, etc. Kinsey’s Table 37 documents the molestation of 24 children, fourteen and under who were masturbated and sodomized by adults in the study. Other tables in the chapter show that hundreds of children ranging in age from a few months to adolescence were systematically molested by Kinsey’s “trained observers.”

While the Kinsey Institute attempted to discredit and smear Dr. Reisman, Kinsey’s own associate, Dr. Paul Gebhard, upheld her claims. In a letter to Kinsey Institute head June Reinisch in 1990, Gebhard wrote, “Kinsey did mix male prison inmates in with his sample.…As to generalizing to a wider population, in his first volume Kinsey did generalize to the entire U.S. population.” In other words, Kinsey used criminal sex deviants to generate data applied to the entire population of normal males. His pseudoscience was agenda-driven; when he didn’t get the results he wanted, he made them up. Kinsey himself was a seriously disturbed individual who, as Reisman says, “foisted his hoax upon a trusting and moral American people.”2 Sadly, the medical profession has used Kinsey’s phony research, promoted by the American Law Institute, to make depravity respectable. In a 2005 interview, Reisman said, “Kinsey is the most cited sex scientist by far in Westlaw and the other legal indices…. His bogus science has been cited in case after case to overturn laws…concerning rape, statutory rape, seduction, prostitution, sodomy, bestiality, indecent exposure, incest, bigamy, nudity, obscenity, adultery, fornication, adult-child sex, illicit cohabitation, pornography, smoking opium and other narcotics, etc.”3 Organizations like the American Psychological Association and the American Medical Association used Kinsey’s data to normalize sexual deviance in the medical literature, boosting its practice, a national health disaster.

In 1982 another hero blew the trumpet on the advancing tsunami of perversion. In his book, The Homosexual Network, Fr. Enrique Rueda warned of “multiple forces and practices encouraging the increased acceptance of homosexuality.” He demonstrated the mainstreaming of deviance by outlining homosexual ideology and goals and describing the growing subculture due to gay groups infiltrating schools, churches, the media, and other institutions. Rueda connected the dots between American liberalism, feminism, and the gay movement including funding sources from both government and secular foundations. It is an eye-opening work.

Rueda pointed out that sex ed textbooks, even at the elementary level, were “highly sympathetic” to homo-sexuality portraying perversion as normal. It was clearly part of the strategy to indoctrinate children from the playpen. Those who control the young control the future. Professional groups, e.g., the American Library Associ-ation (ALA) established “gay task forces” to make sure gay literature was promoted in libraries around the country. Citizens saw this acted out in their local communities. In Fairfax County, VA in the early 1990s, for example, public debate broke out over The Washington Blade, a D.C. gay paper with graphic ads placed in the free distribution area of library lobbies. Despite hearings before the library board where most citizens objected, The Blade remained and is easily available today even to children. Books with gay themes, including picture books for pre-schoolers (Heather has Two Mommies), invaded the shelves of public libraries and schools.

The Gay Theatre Alliance (GTA), the Gay Academic Union (GAU), Gay Student Unions, Gay Task Forces, and hundreds of other groups ensured that homosexual ideas would fertilize the intelligentsia through the arts and education. The entertainment industry made a concerted effort to foster homosexual acceptance in the masses as well. Two examples are the movie, Philadelphia (1993), a commercial success which earned Tom Hanks an Academy Award and the homosexual “love story,” Brokeback Mountain (2005), which received three.

Philadelphia, a classic study in propaganda, portrayed a Norman Rockwell picture of homosexuality while demonizing the “homophobic” attitudes of Hanks associates personified by Jason Robards who persecutes the poor victim-hero suffering from AIDS. Philadelphia’s director even linked the civil rights movement to the gay cause by having Hanks’ character represented by a black lawyer who “grows” from homophobic to homo-accepting. It is a brilliant propaganda piece. Interestingly, Philadelphia showed Hanks’ sodomite partner only briefly with no physical contact at all. By 2005, the gay relationship in Brokeback was open and graphic. Today a growing number of Hollywood stars and starlets happily engage in same sex passion on and off screen. Whether it’s the notorious Madonna/Britney Spears kiss or same sex liplocks by heartthrobs Brad Pitt, Sean Penn, and James Marsters, audiences are desensitized and being groomed for more and more explicit sodomite sex.

TV has also played a significant role in normalizing homosexuality. For decades, talk show hosts featured “cutting edge” subjects like Oprah who, years ago, introduced three sequined and heavily made up glamour “girls” as “men who like to dress as women.” In 2007, the long-running soap opera, As the World Turns, became the first to show two men open-mouth kissing. Proctor and Gamble, owner of the soap, ignored a massive protest organized by the American Family Association. Heinz was more amenable to pressure when hundreds objected to a deli mayo ad aired in the U.K. this past June. It showed a New York chef as “Mum” getting two angelic-faced kids off to school before sharing a mouth-to-mouth kiss with “Sweet Cheeks” Dad. Heinz pulled the ad, initially scheduled for a five-week run, the same day.

But why should anyone be surprised that companies promote the gay lifestyle? As Rueda stated in his book, “Homosexuals tend to be wealthier than the rest of the population.”5 Marketers court the gay dollar. AT&T Suburu, Levi, Avis, Coke, IKEA, Best Buy, McDonalds, Abercrombie and Fitch, American and United Airlines, Coors and Miller beers, American Express, America online, IBM, and dozens of other corporations actively support the sodomite agenda. The Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobby group in the country, listed 195 “Fortune 1,000” companies with perfect 100 scores in 2008. Their “Buy for Equality” program encourages gays to use their “buying power” ($723 billion in 20086) to support them. Businesses salivate for a piece of the gay pie according to market analysts. Advertising Age spokesman Andrew Hampp, said that in 2006 companies targeted gays with over $276 million in ads, up from $215 million in 2005. “Gay marketing which essentially didn’t exist fifteen years ago,” said Hampp, “has truly come out of the closet.”7

Many companies proudly back gay events as well. Kraft, Orbitz, The New York Times, Tylenol and others support the Gay Games, a quadrennial homosexual sporting event. Miller Beer underwrites the annual depraved Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco where homosexuals engage in public orgiastic behavior including mutual masturbation and oral sodomy. Disney offers “gay days” at its theme parks. Homosexual pride fests, parades, beauty contests, etc. increasingly have big-company sponsors. Businesses literally buy into the gayagenda for obvious reasons: money, money, and more money. Gays are good customers. Pro-gay ads, however, do not simply advertise products to gays; they also advertise the gay lifestyle to mainstream America, desensitizing the straight population and normalizing homosexuality.   If money and corporate greed are big motivators for businesses, the enthusiasm of the Christian churches for the gay agenda is more complicated The collection basket is a factor, but a greater cause seems to be the deliberate infiltration of the churches at the highest levels by homosexuals and their fellow travelers. In 2003, the election of openly gay, non-celibate Episcopal bishop, Gene Robinson, was the culmination of years of subverting the mainline churches and shilling for gay ordination. The long-term strategy involved reinterpreting scripture passages that clearly condemned homosexual behavior; redefining seriously disordered acts, e.g. masturbation and sodomy, as normal, healthy, and good; and creating Jesus in the image and likeness of a compassionate marshmallow who endorses gay“love.”

Rueda described the infiltration of the mainline churches through the effective networking of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches, New Ways Ministry, and others who worked to establish gay task forces in both Protestant and Catholic churches. The impact devastated the Episcopal Church which is splintering and helped create the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. The John Jay study authorized by the USCCB (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops) showed 80% of abuse cases involved homosexual priests molesting adolescent boys. In addition, two thirds of the bishops covered up what were often criminal acts, a scandal that could only take place because of the normalizing and acceptance of homosexuality.

While the American bishops portray the scandal as over, stories of homosexual priests acting out and embezzling collection money continue to hit the news. VIRTUS, the “Cadillac” of child protection programs, uses kid gloves to address homosexuality. Their slide program introducing Protecting God’s Children calls it a “myth” that “most abusers are homosexual.” While technically true, that statement distorts the risk implying there is none. In fact, homosexuals, who represent 2-3% of the population, commit almost 40% of child sex abuse making them a major abuse risk. That a group ostensibly committed to protecting children masks this danger is appalling. VIRTUS is not alone. In 2007 San Francisco Catholic Charities (SFCC) partnered with Family Builders (FB) which recruits gay parents for adoptions. The partnership allowed SFCC to continue its adoption program while meeting the city’s demand that tax subsidized agencies place children with gay couples. It is a compromise made in hell. A 2005 Illinois study found that over a six-year period homosexuals committed a whopping 34% of the sex abuse of children in foster care.8s Despite data proving the risk to children, forced placement with gaycouples is mandated by many state and local social service organizations. Political correctness clearly trumps child safety.

In fact, federal, state, and local government is the biggest pimp in the country for the homosexual agenda. In 1982 Fr. Rueda documented that fifty percent of gay groups were 501.C.3 tax exempt organizations, many of them applying for and receiving government grants. Today, government agencies at every level are treating homosexuals as a privileged class with special rights. Many departments force sensitivity training on employees and use intimidation to silence any criticism of sodomite behavior as hate speech. Gay/Straight groups proliferate in school systems around the country, many school boards providing massive funding. The courts continue their legislative activism for same sex marriage and other abominations. Police departments in many cities ignore public decency laws particularly during gaypride events where lawlessness reigns. Politicians like San Francisco and Boston mayors Gavin Newsom and Thomas Menino, Nancy Pelosi, and others participate in and endorse the depravity. Increasingly, gays and their enablers are turning America’s red, white, and blue into the rainbow flag.

However, the transformation of a culture never happens by accident. The sodomizing of America was carefully orchestrated from Kinsey, whose goal was the “reform” of attitudes toward deviant sex, to homosexuals today working to silence criticism through hate speech legislation. A shift in strategy that hastened the transformation happened in 1989 with publication of Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen’s book, After the Ball. It openly described what they themselves called a “conspiracy” to recreate America as a gayMecca. Their attack was three-pronged using desensitization, “jamming,” and conversion to achieve total acceptance of the gay lifestyle as normal and good. Desensitization called for inundating straights with a “continuous flood of gay-related advertising, presented in the least offensive fashion possible. If straights can’t shut off the shower, they may at least eventually get used to being wet.”9 The second “more active and vigorous” tactic is “jamming.”10sIt labels any criticism of homosexuality as hatred, the equivalent of gay murder. This tactic demonizes anyone who opposes legitimizing sodomy equating them with those who would lynch blacks or kill Jews. The ultimate goal, however, is conversion of America from disapproval of depravity to “warm regard” for the gay community and their disordered behavior. Kirk and Madsen openly encourage deception to bring about change. Success depends on “flooding the media” with false images. “It makes no difference that the ads are lies.” The ultimate goal is what counts: using desensitization, jamming, and conversion to sodomize American culture. The increasing acceptance of gay marriage and changes in attitudes toward acceptance of gay lifestyles show just how successful the strategy has been. That normalizing sodomy endangers the family, especially children, has been completely ignored.

In conclusion, it is imperative for Christians to address the assault on sexual morality by homosexuals and fight to regain lost ground. In response to the threefold strategy of lust, a Trinitarian response based on biblical principles is appropriate. First, “love your enemy.” St. Therese of Lisieux shows the way. When she heard about the impending execution of multi-murderer, Henri Pranzini, she began praying and sacrificing for his conversion. As he mounted the scaffold, the up-to-then unrepentant man reached out for a crucifix and kissed it. Christians must fervently pray for the repentance and conver-sion of the murderers of innocence in the gay community. They are slaves of the Evil One who uses lust to destroy and kill.

Secondly, “do good to those who hate you.” Christians must speak the truth in love. Groups like Americans for Truth, Mass Resistance, and the American Family Foundation are doing just that. They boldly expose the truth filming the depravity occurring at gayevents, publishing the pornographic content of homosexual materials used in schools, organizing protests against gay marriage and other abominations, etc. The gay lifestyle is diseased and death-dealing, destroying both body and soul. Christians perform a spiritual work of mercy when they admonish the sinner who is on the road to hell. Individuals and groups willing to stand up to the hate-filled “jamming” of homosexual activists deserve support. If Christians do not provide it, they will have only themselves to blame for the disintegration of the culture and the perversion of their children.

Finally, “remove the plank from your own eye first.” Are you enslaved in sexual sin: contraception, infidelity, fornication, immodesty, use of pornography? Eradicate it! Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; repentance is the fruit of fear of the Lord. Following repentance, Christians are called to imitate the purity, modesty, and humility of the Blessed Mother. Joining her virtues to the spirit of the Christian soldier is the sure path to victory. St. Thomas More said, there is no age so evil a good man cannot live in it. The love of Christians transformed the depraved culture of the first century. The 21st century offers the same opportunity if Christians will take up the gauntlet thrown down by Satan through his useful dupes in the gay community. [Ed’s note: Space considerations precluded footnotes; they will appear in the posted article on the website.] 

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